MCR3U Grade 11 Functions math Trigonometric Functions Test

Math trigonometric functions unit test notes

Amplitude: distance from axis of symmetry to the maximum or minimum point.

Period: The time it takes to complete one cycle

Interval: the time it takes to complete one segment.

Axis of symmetry: mid way point between maximum and minimum point.

Y = a sin [k(x-d)] + c

Y = a cos [k(x-d)] + c

Period = 360/K

K = 360/Period

Interval = Period/4

A = amplitude

C = axis of symmetry or vertical shift

In terms of time problems, phase shift should just move to the right, bringing values into the positive zone as opposed to moving it left, bringing it into negative zone as negative time isn’t possible.

When describing compression transformation, it’s 1/K

When finding period, it’s 360/K, without the 1/K part.

-Factor out K if necessary.

Application problem types include

-Ferris wheel type

-Tides type