ICS2O Grade 10 Computer Science – Exam Study Notes


ICS201 Exam Notes



  • –  Random Access Memory, memory or disk that can be both read and written to a collection of microchips allied on small circuit boards that Hit into slots with hundred or more connectors


  • –  The combination of 1’s and 0’s from eight data lines form a single byte of data. Variations of byte comes in KB, MB, GB, TB


– The rules and grammar that determines the combination of symbols that are considered to be correctly structured or fragmented in that language


– Central Processing Unit, the microprocessor that processes information and the code “the brain” of the computer (ALU, Control unit & onboard memory)


– A plastic sheet on to which metallic circuits have been printed and to the rest of the PC’s component are connected. Can be connected through sockets or built directly on to the motherboard

– Performs a speciHic function that is the end results of using a computer. (e.g. word processor, image editor)

Hard Drive

– The main repository in forms of magnet recordings on hard, thin platters. Contains system Hiles, program and documents, the busiest part of the computer, with components moving at a blinding speed


– The value that can change, depending on conditions or on information passed to the program

– A machine that processes information, inputs and outputs

Hertz (Hz)

– Electromagnetic Fields are measured in terms of the frequency of the wave they produce using hertz. Variations of hertz comes in kilohertz KHz, megahertz MHz, gigahertz GHz.

– Part of the algorithm that is used to help control which code is executed based on given parameters (i.e. Decision structures, Repetition structures)


– Set of instructions designed to perform a speciHic task that stops. A way to form logical step-by-step procedures

Operating System

Application Software


Control Structure

ICS201 Exam Notes

– Software that exist to control the operation of hardware, essentially the operating system directs any operation (e.g. Windows, Linux, OS X)

Power Supply

  • –  All electricity enters your PC through this shield metal box. Inside a transformer that converts the current from standard outlets (AC), into voltage (DC), and current Hlows needed by various part of the computer


  • –  Read only memory, memory chips or data stored on disks that can be read by the computer’s processor

    Video Card

– Translates image information into varying electrical currents needed to display the image on the monitor

Sound Card

– Contains the circuitry for recording and reproducing multimedia sound, can be an expansion or build directly on to the motherboard attached by cables to external connections like speakers, headphones, and CD and microphone inputs

– Any external devices that provide input or output from and into the computer (e.g Mouse, monitor, speaker, microphone)


Peripheral Devices

Control Structures – Sequencial

– In Order (IPO)

– Decision – If

– Else, ElseIf, End if – Case

– Case else, end select

– Repetition
– For loop (counted)

– Step (+/-)

– Next
– Do loop (conditioned)

– Until, While, Exit do

chr/char 32 = space chr/char 65-90 = A-Z chr/char 97-122 = a-z chr/char 42 = * (asterisk) chr/char 13 = (enter key)


• Usability
• Price
• Operating System Type

ICS201 Exam Notes

• Size
• Peripherals
• Brand
• Hard Disk/Storage Space • RAM
• Processor/CPU
• Graphics/Video
• Sound
• Removable Media/Ports • Battery
• Display (LAPTOP ONLY)