How to save hundreds of dollars on gaming headsets!

Ever wonder how to use your own Beats by Dr. Dre or awesome headphones to hear the footsteps of the enemy team? Well look no further, with the headset compatibility kit, you’ll be able to use any earphones, headphones, or headsets to listen to the sound input from your PS3 or XBOX360.

Costing much, much less than gaming headsets like the Astro A40 that costs a whopping $200, or Turtlebeach PX21’s which cost $80, the compatibility kit only costs a mere $10.

Why spend $80 or more on headsets that provide mediocre sound quality when you could listen to every crunch of snow or explosion from your studio quality headphones for a fraction of the cost (and with free shipping!)?

The headset compatibility kit will include:

– RCA TV cable

– Audio extension cable




To use your new kit:

1. Attach the RCA TV cable to the back of your television where the Audio-Out inputs are

2. Go to sound settings on your PS3, and make sure Audio Multi-Output is [On]

3. Attach your own headphones and game away