GLC2O Grade 10 Careers Trends Test


Career-total sum of life experiences

Aspects of a Career-academics, family/home life, community service, social, job, travel and extracurricular activities

Five Principles

  • Focus on the Journey: have a destination and know how to get there
  • Follow your Heart: pursue a dream
  • Access your Allies: use friends, family, teachers and neighbours to help you throughout your journey
  • Change is Constant: be able to adapt to changes in the workplace
  • Learning is Ongoing: you will learn things everywhere, even outside of school


  • Job-a position of unpaid or paid employment in a single organization and includes specific duties, skills and responsibilities
    • i.e math teacher

Occupation-a cluster of similar jobs

  • i.e Teacher-gym teacher, science teacher

Career-everything you have done in your life

10 Mythes About Choosing a Career

  1. Choosing a career is simple
  • multi step process involving learning about yourself and the occupations that you are interested in
  • involved process
  1. A career counselor can tell me what occupation to pick
  • they can’t tell you what is best for you
  1. I can’t make a living from a hobby
  • you can choose an occupation based on your hobby if you are skilled enough in it
  1. I should choose a career from a “Best Careers” list
  • just because they say the job is good, doesn’t mean that it is the job for them
  1. Making a lot of money will make me happy
  • money doesn’t lead to job satisfaction
  1. Once I choose a career I’ll be stuck in it forever
  • you can change your career if you are unsatisfied with it
  1. If I change careers my skills will go to waste
  • you can take skills learned from one job to another
  1. If my best friend (or sister, brother, uncle, or neighbour) is happy in a particular field, I will be too
  • everyone is different and what works with one person might not work with another
  1. All I have to do is pick an occupation… things will fall into place after that
  • after you pick an occupation you still need to actually get a job
  1. There’s very little I can do to learn about an occupation without actually working in it
  • you can also explore an occupation by reading print resources or online as well as by interviewing someone in the field



  • -lasts for a number of years
  • -represents significant change
  • -leads to new opportunities
  • -impact workplace

4 Trend Categories

Old New
-company loyalty-grade 12 education

-9-5 hours

-traditional jobs most appealing

-flexible hours-non-traditional jobs most appealing


  • -an economic trend toward international trade and competition due to increased communications
    • i.e large corporation with a branch in another country


  • -a pattern or tendency in the overall society relating to technological changes or development
  • -every era has experienced technological changes
    • -i.e computers, internet, and green technology


  • -changes of patterns in human population
    • i.e rising number of seniors

Megatrend– over 20 years

Future Jobs-in the future since there will be a lot of older people there will be more services that they require such as:

  • -healthcare
  • -cleaning services
  • -pet care
  • -personal services