CHC2P1 Grade 10 History WWII Test

Grade 10 Applied Canadian History Unit 2 WWII World War 2 Unit Test Study Notes CHC2P1 CHC2P1 CHC2P1 CHC2P1 CHC2P1

Applied History Unit 2 Test

Great depression

-As stocks went up, many people loaned money to buy stocks

-people bought a lot of things and ran out of money

-when time came to return their loans, people couldn’t

-no one had money to buy anything new: stores crashed

-stocks crashed before people could cash in their stocks

-banks fell, and everyone lost all their money.

Decreasing demand, job loss, no opportunities = ECONOMIC RECESSION

New items, money flow, demands, jobs = RECOVERY

Lots of demands, lots of jobs, money flowing a lot = PROSPERITY

Less demands, less money flow, people losing jobs = RECESSION

No demand, no money, no jobs, low wages = DEPRESSION


-No demand for wheat : Overpriced, Cheap alternatives


-Pests : ate good plants


-Blew up dry crops and creating Dustbowls

On Relief: helped by government to live

Riding the Rods: hiding on trains to leave to another city for jobs

Escapism: get away from problems : sports, recreation, movies, radio


-WIlliam Lyon Mackenzie King (1935-1948)

-Wanted people to keep money flowing

-used government funds to create new opportunities

-Old aged pensions

-All was good in Canada, things were changing +

Road to war

Background Causes

-Poverty: Germany never had Roaring Twenties

-Fear: Minority groups wanted independence

Big countries afraid of splitting colonies -> loss of power

-Hatred: Germany humiliated by Treaty of Versailles (New hope)

-Broken Hope: lost faith in leaders during WWI

-Believed in dictatorship government

Leaders of Europe

Treaty of Versailles -> Black Tuesday 10/9/ -> 1930s Depression -> Government parties wanted control -> Dictatorship! -> Totalitarianism (the power of 1)


-COMPLETE control of all country aspects

-Nationalistic symbols prominent

-Military control

-Censorship (not to allow new ideas)

-Terror from citizens

Facism: Ruled by 1 person / CAN Business

Communism: Dictator/Party / NO Business

***Benito Mussolini  ITALY

-Italian Leader 1922-1943

-total control over citizens => RICH/POOR

-Promised Economic Growth and Land/Power

***Joseph Stalin  RUSSIA

-Communist – RICH POOR SAME

-No businesses

-Censored all religion and anyone who was against gov’t

-Murdered 20M Russian

***Hirohito  JAPAN

-Emperor – related to heaven

-whatever he wants, people will do for GOD

-favoured raw materials and $


***Francisco Franco  SPAIN

-Facism businesses

-Gained support from hitler/mussolini


***Adolf Hitler  GERMANY

-Hate against Jews

-wanted to rebuild stride and power

-NAZI party

Steps to WWII

–League of nations: Triple entente during WWI–

  1. League vs Japan

-Japan invaded Manchuria

-League of nations did not respond

  1. Germany army build up (1933-1935)

-Hitler made secret armies

-Luftwaffe -> German Air force Defense

  1. German invasion of Rhineland (1936)

-Hitler rejected ToV and went into Rhineland

-League of nations did not respond

  1. German invasion of Austria (March 1938)

-Germany part of THIRD RIECH -> next gen Germany

  1. German invasion of Sudetenland (Oct 1938)

-With agreement form Germany, Italy, Britain, and France

-Allies Allowed Invasion

  1. Nazi invasion of Czechoslovakia (Mar 1939)

-All German

  1. Invasion of Danzing Corridor (1939)

-led to Invasion of Poland

ALLIES: Britain, France, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Russia (1941), USA (1941)

AXIS POWERS: Germany, Japan, Italy

WWII Battles

(1) 1940: FALL OF FRANCE

-France’s Maginot Line failed

-Germany just moved around it

  1. 1940: Miracle of Dunkirk

-Britain tried to help but German Blitzkrieg too strong

Blitzkrieg: using every weapon possible

-German pushed Britain back

  1. 1940: Battle of Britain

-July 10th, 1940: Hitler attacked Britain

-Luftwaffe successful at first, but invasion failed at the end

-Britain’s Royal Air Force was too strong

  1. 1941: Germany to Russia

-Operation Barbarossa

-6/22/1941 Hitler went to Russia

-Germany + Russia = largest empire

Failed: problem?

-Not used to cold weather

-Bad land

-land to land combat, not experienced

-building structure; after first explosion, building doesn’t damage

Battle of North Atlantic

-Throughout war, Canada protected ships traveling

  1. War in the Pacific Rape of Nanking

-Dec 1937, Japanese captured Nanking

-Instead of just letting them surrender, 50,000 men were ordered to kill all captives

-through means of Rape, Torture, and separation.

  1. 1941 Pearl Harbour

-Surprise attack by Japanese Navy

-Hawaiian city of Pearl Harbour, where many boats were parked

-US Joins war Dec 8 1941

  1. Battle of Hong Kong

-Christmas 1914, Canadians sent to protect HK people

-Britain under predicted the # of Japanese soldiers

-5000 predicted: 50,000 came

-290 casualties: most Prisoners of War Canadians kept in Japan

Prisoners of War: enemy teams come to country to be tortured or made to work

-WWII the later years

Dieppe Raid

-Canada wanted to take back France

-Germans ready before and killed soldiers

-Most CDN died ever : 1400/5000 killed, 2000 prisoners

-1943 The italian Champaign

-Canada forced to help Russia against Italy

-9/9/1943, Canadians fought closely with Germans

-Building to Building compat

-Battle of Ortona

-House to house combat

-Germans Surrendered 12/28/1943 in Ortona

-News reels: small movies of news played in theaters

The Liberation of Rome

-Canadians took sicily and pushed Germany away

-6/4/1944 Allies too back Rome

Effects from Italians

Operation Overlord

-Allies wanted to take back France

-Atlantic Wall: complicated German defense system across beaches 1942-1944

Allied Plans:

-Confuse enemy of location (Juno Beach CDN @ Normandy)

-Stop enemy to have backup by Breaking Supply

-Take over English Channel

-Destroy Walls by bombing

D-Day – 6/6/1944

-dropped soldiers by paratrooping the night before

-Bombers attacked

-largest group of Canadian soldiers on Juno Beach

-5000/18000 casualties in 10 weeks. GERMANY SURRENDERED

  1. Liberation of Holland March/1945

-Canadians went to Holland and remove Nazi control

  1. Final Days

-Firedstorm bombing Germans to the point of breaking

-Nazi officials were beaten and hung

-April 30th, Hitler commits suicide

VE DAY: MAY 8th, 1945,  Allied soldiers WON

-Russia took over Berlin

-Canada liberated Netherlands

Final Days in the Pacific

  1. Bataan Death March

-Japanese made American and Philippine POWs March in hot weather, beheading, and random shooting. 90,000 soldiers

  1. Battle of the Midway 6/4/1942 to 6/7/1942

-USA and Japan wanted Midways Island for advantages in Air travel

-Biggest Air to Air combat goal to destroy aircraft carriers

-USA lost 1 AC and Japan lost 4 AC – USA victory


-Potsdam: US, Britain, China, demands Japan to surrender or attack

-Japan ignored

First USA Atomic Bomb dropped on Hiroshima 8/6/1945 (little boy)

-140,000 killed from burns, radiation etc.

Second USA Atomic Bomb dropped on Nagasaki 8/9/1945 (fat man)

-killed 74,000

Canadian Homefront

Volunteers worked for reasons of:

-Defense of Canada/Britain

-Job after Depression


-Soldiers, weapons, armor, and food

-Canada improved recruitment to make better quality Trained soldiers


-Victory Bonds

-Conserved glass, rubber, metal, and paper

-Women Joined

-Men worked for lower wage


-Modified rule: National Resources Mobilization ACt

-conscripted men for work at home only

1944 conscription occurred again, but people weren’t as angry

Behind the scenes

-Immigration of Jews stopped (jobs/money reasons)

Enemy allies:


GERMANS: treated well

ITALIANS: monitored and asked to report

JAPANESE: taken out of homes into Prison without trial = internment camps

Women -> intern camps, men -> work


Anti Semitism: hatred against Jews (culture), or Judaism (religion)

Hitler’s solution: Kill all jews and unwanted people to make the aryan Germany

Stage1: Stripping of Rights

Stage2: Placement in Ghettos

Stage3: Concentration Camps

Stage4: Extermination

Stage1: -Jews identified with markings on clothing and passport

-Rights and businesses taken away from Jews

Stage2: -Jews left to starve

-Jews were scared so did as told

-Jews were lied and moved to concentration camps “better place”

Stage3: Concentration camps

-worked to make railways to transport more jews

Stage4: Death Camps

-Major Death camp at Auschwitz looked good at first

-Like normal, with Jews greeting them

-Entered, and split via Men and female/children

-Men put to work, Women/others Killed in Showers with gases

-asked them to strip of all items, then die, items become profit