CHC2D Grade 10 History WWII and Great Depression Test

Academic Canadian History CHC2D1 WWII and Great Depression Study Notes (Condensed) study notes
Allies taking different steps to try and make Hitler happy
Treaty of Versailles and Germany
Germany felt like the Treaty of Versailles was only targeted to them and they wanted revenge
Swing Kids
A group of teenage rebels in Germany who enjoyed listening and dancing to swing music from America
Hitler’s Leadership
Hitler came into power in 1933
He promised leadership that Germany desperately needed
Brainwashed the Germans
Background Causes of WWII
Poverty – Germany never experienced the “Roaring Twenties”
Fear – Minority groups in Europe wanted independence
Hatred – Germany was humiliated by the Treaty of Versailles
Broken Hope – Loss of faith in democratic leaders
Spark of WWII
Hitler invading Poland – The Anglo-French Assurance Pact came into effect
The mass murder of Jews under the German Nazi regime from 1941 to 1945
Stages of Isolation
Stripping of Rights – in 1938, Jews were evicted from Germany’s economic life – Jews were: denied the right to own property, denied German citizenship, denied the right to vote, forced to carry identification papers, Jewish doctors/lawyers were denied the right to practice their jobs, and Jewish businessmen had to be registered
Segregation – Jews were forced to live in ghettos – 15.1 persons per apartment and there were 6-7 persons per room – the ghettos in Lodz, Poland held 200 000 Jews which included 5000 Gypsies by the end of 1941
Concentration Camps – the first concentration camp was established at Dachau during the year of 1933 – Jewish numbers in these camps increased, and they were used for slave labour
Extermination Camps – disguised showers which were actually gas chambers were located in extermination camps – 6 million Jews died due to execution, starvation, and slave labour – these camps were placed away from the public so they wouldn’t see the exterminations – between April 1942 and November 1944, 2 million Jews were gassed
Final Solution
The plan to physically rid the world of all Jews or undesirable races
Nazi Propaganda
Hitler used propaganda to make everyone hate the Jews and love Hitler – all Jewish propaganda was removed
SA, SS, Gestapo, Einsatzgruppen
SA – Soldiers that fought in WWII
SS – Soldiers responsible for punishing Jews
Gestapo – Hitler’s special police force – responsible for ensuring all Germans respected Hitler and obeyed all laws
Einsatzgruppen – Mobile death squad that killed at least 1 million Jews
Munich Agreement
The Sudeten region of Czechoslovakia would belong to Germany – signed by Hitler (Germany), Mussolini (Italy), Chamberlain (England), and Daladier (France)
Non-Aggression Pact
The agreement between Germany and Russia made in 1938 – each country would stay out of the other’s way
Canada & the Holocaust (St. Louis Incident)
Canada turned a boat full of Jews away because they were unwanted in Canada – many of the Jews later died in concentration/extermination camps
Schindler’s List
Schindler was a German profiteer who used the Jews for slave labour – he later realized what they were going through and made a list of Jews who were supposedly working in his factory to save them from death
Kristallnacht – November 9, 1939
The night of broken glass when Jewish stores and synagogues were burned down
Nuremburg Laws
A set of laws passed to deprive Jews of German citizenship and reduce them to the status of “subjects” – marriages/relationships between Jews and Aryans were forbidden
Canada & WWII (Battles, Contributions)
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Pearl Harbour
December 7, 1941 – the Japanese attack on the Hawaiian island – the United States were enraged by this surprise attack
Lightning warfare – overwhelming the enemy with offensive attacks
Manhattan Project
The project to develop the first atomic bomb – directed by J. Robert Oppenheimer – began in the 1930’s
Japanese Canadians
Sent to internment camps for supposedly being spies for the Japanese – all their possessions were sold during auctions
Atomic Bombs
Decided to be dropped by President Truman
Little boy – Hiroshima – August 6, 1945 – dropped by Enola Gay – Uranium based
Fat man – Nagasaki – August 9, 1945 – dropped by Bockscar – Plutonium based
Canadian Homefront
Canadian citizens were informed of possible air attacks by enemies – Canadians built bomb shelters and Canada armed its national defenses
Jewish holding grounds created by the Germans – incredibly cramped with many in Poland – most notable à Warsaw Ghetto à holding about 50 000 Jews à was 3-5 square miles in size
Anglo-French Assurance Pact
England and France assuring Poland that if they were attacked, the allies would come to Poland’s aid
Canada’s Prime Minister during WWII
Mackenzie King
Road to WWII
Germany is humiliated by the Treaty of Versailles à Hitler promises leadership and becomes chancellor of Germany à Hitler strips the Jews of their rights à Germany occupies the Rhineland à Germany invades Austria à the Munich Agreement and Non-Aggression Pact are signed à Germany occupies Czechoslovakia à Germany threatens Poland à Germany invades Poland
Business Cycle
Economic Recession – Economic Recovery – Big Depression
Stock Market Crashes
Causes: easy credit, lack of financial regulations, dependence on the US economy, dependence on export market, decrease in demand for Canadian exports, isolationist economies
Black Tuesday – October 29, 1929
Prairies During 30’s
Western Canada along with the prairies took the worst of the depression – the fall of wheat prices forced farmers to take up different professions – riots occurred and the on-to-Ottawa trek also happened