CHC2D Grade 10 History WWII and Great Depression Test

Grade 10 ontario high school academic history great depression and WWII World war two unit test study notes CHC2D1 CHC2D1 CHC2D1 CHC2D1

Business Cycle

Prosperity – 1920s Recession (End of 1920)  Depression 1930’s  Recovery 1939/WWII

High Sales Decreasing Sales Low Sales Increasing Sales
High Wages Decreasing Wages Low Wages Increasing Wages
High Prices Decreasing Prices Low Prices Increasing Prices
High Production Decreasing Production Low Production Increasing Production
High Profits Decreasing Profits Low Profits Increasing Profits
Low Failures Increasing Failures High Failures Decreasing Failure
High Demands Decreasing Demands Low Demands Increasing Demands
Low Strikes Increasing Strikes Low Strikes Decreasing Strikes
Low Unemployment Increasing Unemployment Very High Unemployment Decreasing Unemployment

Causes of the Great Depression

Easy Credit – very easy to borrow money in the ‘20’s; borrowed more than they could play back  People living beyond their needs

Lack of Financial Regulations – Not enough rules and controls to regulate banks; was very little protection for depositors   Banks lost people’s money/ Banks were not protecting their customer’s interests

Dependence on U.S. Economy – we relied on U.S. economy; they go up we go up vice-versa

Dependence on export market – We exported lots of goods (wheat’s, grains, and crops, lumber) and other countries couldn’t afford to buy from us  think supply and demand. If US stop buying than Canadian economy goes down

Decrease in demand for Canadian exports – oversupply of wheat decreased demand  over production caused prices to deflate

“Isolationist” economies – many countries tried to protect themselves by charging high taxes on imports; Canada’s export market suffered.  Countries taxed other countries so you would only by Canadian

What was life like during the great depression?

  • No Work
  • Stealing
  • Hard labour
  • Starvation
  • No Gov’t social welfare programs
  • Lots of unemployment
The Allies The Axis Powers
Britain Japan
Canada Italy
New Zealand Germany
Russian (1941)
United States (1941)
  • William Mackenzie King was the PM during WWII

Dictators Studied in this Unit:

Italy: Benito Mussolini (Fascist/HATES COMMUNISTS)

  • Wanted Italy to be a conquering nation like Ancient Rome
  • Followers were called black-shirts

Russia: Joseph Stalin (communist)

  • Killed/imprisoned prison camps in Serbia in Gulags
  • Killed 20 million people in power

Japan: Emperor Hirohito

  • Took control of the Japanese army known as samurai
  • Wanted a vast pacific empire for Japan

Spain: Francisco Franco (Fascist)

  • Friends with Hitler/Mussolini
  • Leader from 1939 – 1975

Germany: Adolf Hitler

  • Fought in WWI
  • Wanted revenge on those who stabbed Germany in the back by signing the Treaty of Versailles
  • Hitler blamed Jews for Germanys problems
  • After WWI Hitler becomes leader of the Nationalist socialist German Workers Party (NAZI) party

How do dictators control the population?

  1. Terror – do what I want/say or I will torture/kill family
  2. Propaganda – dictator tried to get people to think a certain way
  3. Hate – called scapegoats (Hitler blamed Jews)

Background Causes to WWII

Poverty – Europe had to be rebuilt after WWI

  • Germany experienced a more severe depression than other countries
  • 1932 Half of Germany’s population is unemployed

Fear – Was fear that minority groups living in new countries would want independence & therefore cause trouble

Hatred – Germany had been humiliated by the Treaty of Versailles

  • Hitler used this hate to bring together (rally) the German Nation

Broken Hope – People in Europe lost faith in old leadership styles and people turned to new leaders who promised to act quickly and get results


SS The soldiers that were responsible for punishing the Jews.

Propaganda: Text that uses false or misleading information to present a slanted point

of view

Communism: Country CAN be ruled by a dictator. No private ownership

Fascism: Country is  ruled by dictator. Yes private ownership

Swastika: Symbol of the Nazi party

Treaty of Versailles: Treaty enacted to make sure war never happens again and heavily hurts Germany.

Swing Kid:were a group of jazz and Swing lovers in Germany of the 1930s

Gestapo: Hitler’s special “terror” police.

SS: Hitler’s special army,  responsibly for killing Jews

Dieppe: Battled that was failed by the Canadians and most Canadians died in this battle.

D-day: This is where Allies attack Normandy. Canada goes through Juno beach. Due to this Hitler is fighting a war on both sides.

Appeasement: Soothe or satisfy other people’s wants.

RAF: British Air force (Royal Air Force)

Radar: Uses electromagnetic waves reflected from ships, aircrafts, coasts, and other objects which is picked up by the radar unit and converted to images on a screen.

Rationing:  Controlled distribution of stuff

Holocaust: the mass murder of Jews under the German Nazi regime from 1941 until 1945

League of Nations: was formed after World War I to try to prevent future wars between nations and “make the world safe for democracy.” The United States never joined the organization and it lost all credibility as the world moved toward World War II.

Blitzkrieg: Using lightning warfare. To attack using all your weapons at once to overwhelm the enemy.

Pearl Harbour: Place where Japanese first attacked America.

Internment: Imprisonment in a detention camp, especially during war.

Anti – Semitism: Hatred against the Jews


Atomic Bomb:

  • Was formed by splitting the nuclei of uranium or plutonium atoms (E=MC2)
  • Produces glowing ball of fire (mushroom cloud) which can reach over millions of degrees
  • Dirt is sucked up into fire ball. Dirt is coated with radioactive material
  • Truman asked for Japan to surrender. August 6, 1945 first atomic bomb is dropped on Hiroshima. Called Little Boy
  • 71k dead and 68k injured
  • Japan still refuses so Fat Man is dropped on Nagasaki. 35k jap killed and 60k injured

Short Term Effects: Radiation sickness, including death within a few days among the heavily exposed

Long Term Effects: Cancer, birth defects, keloids, anemia/other blood disorders, sterility, cataracts, children being mentally retarded deformities in children, menstrual irregularities, etc…

Road to War

1931 Japan invades Manchuria

1933 Hitler gains power

1935 – Oct. Italy invades Ethiopia

1936 – Rome-Berlin-Tokyo Axis formed

1936 – March Germany takes Rhineland

1938 – March Austria

1938 – Germany demands Sudetenland

1938 – Munich Agreement

1939 – Aug. Germany and Soviet Union sign pact

1939 – Sept. Germany Invades Poland

1939 Br + Fr declare war on Germany, then Canada later


1933- First concentration camp opens

Jewish people forbidden from owning land or running newspaper

1934 – President Hindenburg dies and Hitler declares himself President and Chancellor

1935- Law passed where women with hereditary diseases must have forced abortions

Jews lose German citizenship; marriages/sexual relationships between Jews & Aryans are forbidden

1936- SS established (responsibly for guarding concentration camps)

Germany takes over Rhineland

Jews lose right to participate in parliamentary elections

1942 – Massacre begins in Auschwitz (Zyklon B)

SS takes Jews stuff from concentration camps and cashes in

Jews can’t subscribe to magazines

Jewish homes must be identified with Star of David

Jew not allowed public transportation

Jewish school closed

Blind/deaf Jews must wear arm bands identifying their condition in traffic

Jews not allowed to buy meat, eggs, or milk

All Jews in concentration camps taken to main camp Auschwitz

1943 – Over 1 million killed by SS. Jews used as slave labours to dig up and burn bodies to remove all traces

Nazis order all Gypsies to be arrested and sent to extermination camps

Jews found guilty of crimes are sent to Auswitzh

Property of Jews taken after death

1944 – D: Day: Allies land in Normandy

Last times gas chambers in Auschwitz used. Hammer orders destruction of crematories at Auswitchz

1945 – Nazis know Allies are coming so they conduct Death Marches

Soviet troops liberate Auschwitz and War Saw

Hitler commits suicide

Germany surrenders unconditionally

Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal commences

Ghetto:a part of a city, esp. a slum area, occupied by a minority group or groups.

Judenrat: Councils of Jewish elders set up in each ghetto by the Germans

Ordnungdiest: Jewish police force

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Japanese forced into camps because

  1. Pearl Harbour
  2. Japan takes over HK and kills Canadian troops there
  • Government auctions off their belongs for a fraction of their value
  • Camps were old ghost towns, deserted, no water/electricity & lived in very small huts and shacks

After war Hitler commits suicide and has himself burned and Nazis are prosecuted

Battles Canadians participated in

Canadians at Hong Kong 1941

240 Canadian soldiers are killed and 500 are wounded. Canadian lows & Canadians were taken in as POW’s and treated poorly and died. Their mission was to defend HK from Japanese invasion

The Dieppe Raid – August 19, 1942

Mission objective: quickly attack Germany who had taken over France. 1400 killed and 5000 wounded 2000 Canadians POW’s. Canadians did not arrive under darkness as planned and most Canadian soldiers died in this battle.

The Italian Campaign & Ortona – June  10, 1943

Canadians proved themselves in Italy (more prepared). Italy surrender Mussolini gets meat hooked and Germany sends troops to take control of Italy.

June 4th 1945 (I don’t think this is the right date)

Italy is liberated Canadian still won when Hitler sent in troops

D-Day, 1944

Canadians land on Juno Beach. 4000 Canadians participated in the battle. 1074 casualties including 359 deaths. Hitler is now fighting a war on the West & the East.