CHC2P Grade 10 History Cold War and Post WWII Test

Life in the 1950s 

Cold war (1949 – 1989)

  • -Communism: Everything belongs to the country, government pays directly to people
  • -Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, North Korea, China, Cuba
  • -USA: Democracy: free to vote and make businesses at will
  • -Russia and USA had strong conflicts of communism and democratic capitalism
  • -Problem: both had strong nuclear weapons and natural resources
  • -They scared eachother with nuclear bombs because if one country used it, the  other will die also
  • -Igor Gazenko was a spy in Canada, Canada thought it would be attacked
  • 1957- Russia launched a satellite into space: Sputnik, thought to be used for spying
  • 1958- USA launched it’s satellite and formed NASA

-Nuclear Warfare

  • -Canadians taught to protect themselves during warfare
  • -Duck and cover
  • -Air-Raids were installed
  • -Built bomb shelters

-Canada/USA not war torn after the war. Businesses still functioned, no need for communism and government.

-Germany and European countries had their division of communism and democracy

-Germany divided into 2 parts, communism and democracy

  • -Berlin Wall: Berlin split into 2 using a wall
  • -Democrats isolated inside by communist Russians

-China’s Civil war for communism

  • -1940 Chiang Kai-Shek for Nationalist and Communist Mao Zedong
  • -Communists won, China a communist country

Korean War (1950-1953)

  • -Superpowers did not want to fight directly
  • -Civil war in korea sparked due to communism and capitalist conflicts
  • -North -> Communist -> Russia supported
  • -South -> Democratic -> USA Supported
  • -Massive casualties and Armistice 7/27 with USA consulting UN. No result

Vietnam War (1959 – 1975)

  • -Communist North and Democratic South Vietnam
  • -CAD did not join, knew there’s going to be no outcome. Many went with USA
  • -Americans fled to Canada to avoid war after
  • -First war seen in media. Led to the Hippies generation to simply promote peace
  • -North succeeded, Americans left.

1950s 1960s

-Soldiers returned and European countries wanted many Canadian products

-Canada built many city improvements and many mega projects

High school drop outs were high as people went on to make plenty of kids

  • -Baby boomer caused many things
  • -Employment rates and opportunities grew
  • -Accommodation/homes rates grew
  • -New businesses
  • -Women stayed home a lot
  • -Cost of living extremely low


  • Men:
    • -Gelled hair
    • -Jeans
    • -Casual/colourful clothing and converse shoes
  • Women
    • -Mothers clothing
    • -casual long skirts
    • -high heels
    • -long curly hair
  • Teenagers
    • -clean thoughts, obeys rules, neutral emotions
  • Music
    • -Bubble Gum Music
    • -Sweet, nice lyrics
    • -post WWII feelings
    • -wholesome singers




  • Music
    • -Beatles – English Pop/rock band
    • -Rolling Stones – English drumming band
    • -Neil Young – Canadian drummer
    • -Jimi Hendricks – Guitarist
  • Movies
    • -To kill a Mocking Bird
    • -Sounds of Music

Overall Peaceful and relaxed mood in the 1960s to promote peace and hippy movement

Gov’t and rights styles

  • Chinese allowed to vote
  • Women equal wages as men

USA Civil Rights Movement

  • -Movement to challenge racism Blacks vs Whites
  • -Slavery Abolishment
  • -Martin Luther King Jr led many anti racism acts

French English Relations

October Crisis

  • FLQ and separatists wanted independence from Quebec and created the Front de Liberation de Quebec

10/5/1970 – James Cross meets Canada from Britain

  • -Kidnapped by FLQ
  • -Demanded freedom

10/10/1970 – Minister of Labour vice president Pierre Laporte

  • -Kidnapped after leaving an anti FLQ conference

10/15/1970 – FLQ gain support from public meetings

  • -planned rally this evening
  • -laporte and cross still missing, undercovers arranged

10/17/1970 –Laporte found dead in a car trunk

  • -wanted $500,000 in gold, public broadcast and passing of FLQ prisoners
  • Trudeau used war measures act to use full control and arrest french people, shutting down the FLQ

Rene Levesque: Quebecois party leader who politically pushed for independence

Just Society

  • Massey Report
    • -William Massey said that Canada is losing it’s unique culture
    • -Said Canada should put more money into improving it’s culture
    • -Arts etc. But not everyone had equal or fair support